Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Jasons

Well well it's Hepkat jose back again for years i was against certian social media websites so check it out i signed up on one and well let me tell you find the damnest things and im totally into this one. it's a pretty cool band the guy that made this video turned me on to it. check it out you might like it??? Pretty fuckin bad ass so as i say once again catch you on the flipside...

Everyone knows a sally that girl.

Whats up fuckers Hepkat jose here to let you know im gonna give it to ya old school on this post ya'll remember this shit don't ya??? Catch you on the flipside...

Monday, October 6, 2014

H.W.M. Projekt 2014 is in play you were warned!!

The Burrito King here to give you a quick snipit of the hwm projekt first single dumb'merica the whole track will be for free download on soundcloud may 1st we will also have cd's if you would like to kop one for your collection goto:thehwmprojektofdestruction on facebook and we can hook you up leave a msg for the burrito king so without further adeu here fuckers.fuck it ill give you the whole thing its not like anyone looks at this blog anyway Catch you on the flipside (This post was done on april 30 2014 and never got posted until jlf??)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I went on a train ride to the south

Whats up fuckers this is hepkat jose back up on here to let you know whats been going on well before i start this post im just letting you know that i will be taking care of this blog by my lonesome for a while my friend that was doing this with me is taking a sabatical but he will probly show up any time he wants to so its all good anyway back to my post on the 14th of april i hopped a train and rode the rails to arkansas to visit an old friend and record some music i had a bit of a culture shock i was expecting to see a bunch of dumb ass rednecks waving rebel flags and shit but anyway so i got there like around 3 in the am my friend was there to pick me up with a packed bowl it was pretty cool so i stayed there about a week and hung out smoked alot of weed played drums recorded about five songs that we could do a ep or singles just have to wait and see what happens as far as it goes the H.W.M.Project has been put into play.well i have a few pics very small so im gonna end this by saying coming soon new music from the hwm project and on that note catch you on the flipside...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our Scumdog Leader Has Fallen R.I.P. Odreus

Whats up fuckers im back on with some sad news yesterday at 6:50 pm lead singer of Gwar Oderus Urugus(dave brockie) was found dead at his home in richmond.I started this post yesterday but just didnt know what to say Gwar is a band ive been listening to since i was a teenager in my and alot of others opinion that was the best fucking live show ever for those of you who have witnessed a slaughter first hand it just sucks that another one of our bands gone forever what ill miss the most is waiting in the darkness other scumdog brothers yelling and screaming for the scumdogs of the universe to kill everything the spotlight shines on a lone character talking shit about gwar and we are all yelling KILL THAT MOTHERFUCKER!! then here comes odreus with a big ass sword or fucking battle axe and whack off with the head and to know im not ever gonna feel that first refreshing spray of blood in my face gushing from a decapitated body again makes me sad and gettin hosed down by whatever color of nasty stuff was comming out of the cuddlefish it sucks to never have that experince again example of cuttlefish in picture alright fuckers let us all drink smoke and sodomise in memory of our fallen scumdog leader Odreus Urungus HAIL ODERUS!!! This is hepkatjose sayin"daves not here anymore"catch you on the flipside....

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

For those of you that know me i used to smoke weed everyday.

Whats up fuckers well im gonna do a quick post living on the spot of the earth that i live on does not have the access to the happy smoke like i used to so i went from smoking everyday to once in a while to not smoking for months and ive been here for about four years now but enough of that shit i had some what rummies refer to as moments of clarity and i was gonna sit here and rant but i found this video that well.. just watch enjoy As you can see i still endulge when it comes around so as always this is hepkatjose sayin Catch you on flipside...